Friday, August 14, 2009

Our principal has designed a new school logo and I've been trying to add it to our page but am having difficulty. It appears correctly in FrontPage. When I save it and then view it, it appears correctly. However, when I leave FrontPage, upload on Filezilla, and then view our homepage using Internet Explorer, there is a box with an x. I've gone all through my notes and I believe that I am doing everything right.

The x means that there is a problem with the link (path) to the graphic. You have told the browser to look in a certain folder to find the graphic to display on your webpage, and the browser can't find it because the path is wrong. This happens when the link is wrong in the code on the page, the image file is not uploaded, or the image file is uploaded to the wrong folder.

If you have linked and uploaded correctly, you probably just need to refresh your browser. Think of two kids fighting to sit in the same chair. If your browser already has a webpage in the cache, then the new version will not be displayed on the Web until the old version is replaced by the new version in the cache. You do that by clicking the Refresh icon in IE (sometimes by pressing the F5 key) or just shutting down IE and re-opening it. Sometimes you have to "force" a refresh by holding down the Control key while you're clicking the Refresh button--while mumbling insults to IE for his (!) failure to follow your directions. Hang in there!

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