Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just finished uploading some updates to my website, but I don't see the changes on the Internet.

I just looked at your folder on the server and can see that you did indeed upload some files. Unfortunately, you uploaded the files into the "home" directory instead of the "public_html" folder that is inside the "home" directory. (This problem is why we recommend that you change the default opening folder for your website so you don't have to remember to open the "public_html" folder every time you upload.) The browser won't read your files unless they are in the correct folder.

You will need to delete your recent uploads outside "public_html" so there will not be duplicate files hogging the storage space--some inside, some outside; however, be careful not delete or change anything else outside "public_html"; those strange-looking folders and files belong to the system. (Also, do not delete or change or download the stats folder that is inside "public_html"; the stats folder also belongs to the system.)

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