Saturday, March 2, 2013


Surprised by the occasional unexpected appearance of the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard? This keyboard is designed to assist users who are challenged by physical conditions. Using this device, they can type with the mouse or other pointing device, such as a mouth-stick. 

The problem is that this keyboard, when enabled, pops up whenever it “thinks” it is needed. For SMART Board users, this here-I-am-invited-or-not appearance is sometimes annoying; the keyboard can block part of a window, and it acts like it is competing with the SMART Board keyboard.
To disable (or enable) the on-screen keyboard:
  1. Go to the Ease of Access Center. You can get there through the Control Panel, but it’s quicker to use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + u key.
  2. Click Use the computer without a mouse or a keyboard.
  3. De-select (or select) the option Use On-Screen Keyboard.
Click here for a pdf file with additional illustrations.

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